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Best Buddies

August 5th, 2008 Posted in Family Stuff

Though they don’t look all that happy in the picture, Owen and Katie have become pretty good friends. Katie is always curious of what Owen is doing, and if there is some way she can play too. For some reason, she really likes to drop her toy ball by his feet, though he has yet to ever pick it up and throw it. Maybe that is her saying that she accepts him as a member of the family.

Owen is still learning how to “play nice” with his dog, and I think he’s starting to get the hang of it. Right now, he really enjoys grabbing Katie’s hair or ears and pulling really hard. She doesn’t seem to like this very much. Also, he thinks it is fun to continually kick her in the head if she sits down near his feet. Once again, she probably isn’t really happy about it, but she’s never one to walk away from attention. I imagine that if she wasn’t such a good-natured dog that we would have had to separate them by now, but luckily she never seems shaken by any of it. She’s always ready to give Owen kisses on his feet and hands, even if he just finished torturing her with them.

Its good to see them interacting and how happy Owen gets when Katie is playing with him. I look forward to seeing the two of them grow up together, and I’m glad that Owen gets to experience it. I’m thinking that one day Katie will probably sleep in his bed with him, which is fine with me if it gets her out of our room!

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