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March 2010…

April 30th, 2010 Posted in Family Stuff

Here are some of our miscellaneous adventures from March 2010.

Ethan is learning to sit up on his own.

Playing at Jump Club for Owen’s birthday.

Ethan is really enjoying his baby toys, especially the jumper.

He loves it when Katie comes by to check on him.

Owen also enjoying the baby toys!

Ethan got a blue leisure suit as a baby gift from someone, and he really thinks he looks stylin’ in it.

Owen became obsessed with making coffee for Jim and every morning he would pull the coffee maker out of the cupboard and play with it. This does not occur as much anymore but he still takes it out once and awhile and wants to make everyone coffee.

Both boys love bathtime…

Owen trying on his big-boy underpants. He is really excited to use his potty and start wearing his underpants every day. I am not as excited to start this chapter of our lives :)

Enjoying the playroom.  Yes, that is Batman driving Cookie and Elmo in a John Deere tractor. Our son is a goof!

Ethan using the big high-chair for the first time…

That is our month, in a nutshell. Hope you had a wonderful March!!

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