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Enjoying time with daddy…

June 5th, 2010 Posted in Family Stuff

Owen loves one on one time with either Jim or I. It doesn’t matter what we do with him, he just likes that he has us all to himself for that small period of time. Jim loves that they can sit down and enjoy a show together or actually have a conversation about something now. And I love how excited he gets about doing things that I think are mundane – going to the bank or Wegmans – but to him it such an exciting adventure.

Here are a few shots of Owen and Jim enjoying some quiet time while I was giving Ethan a bath.

Talking about how awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is…

Katie didn’t want to be left out…

I have the best family in the world :)

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  2. By Aunt Joanne on Jun 5, 2010

    Bless your hearts for providing this site.
    I look every day and hope there will be new pics. They are always a BLESSING and make my day. Those little guys are just getting cuter and cuter, and I thought they were as cute as they could be before. The bathroom book situation is certainly remarkable and yes, it must be a man thing. Just think how smart he’ll be by the time he’s in school, after all that relaxing reading. Thanks again.

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