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This is Katie’s page.  She isn’t much for blogging; though if someone told her she’d get some beef jerky for keeping her page updated, you’d see paw prints all over the place.

Katie Ferrell

Katie is a Cockapoo and is our best and only dog.  She has been a great addition to our family, and she is anxiously waiting for some kids to play with.  Though she may just be wanting to steal their toys…

3/17/08 – Today is the day before my brother arrives and so I thought it was appropriate that I have a bath today.  Usually, I prefer going to my groomer, Natalie, as she treats me like the princess that I am but as we are down to the wire I decided to let my mom do it.  I did make her work for it though - as soon as she said it was time for a “tubby” I immediately ran around the house, into the office, upstairs to my bedroom and back downstairs again.  As my mom is VERY pregnant right now, she is a little slow so I definitely had a leg up on her and it took her quite awhile before she could corner me in the bedroom and get me into the bathroom.  Once I got into the tub all was well as I watched the dirt swirl towards the drain…how is it I get so dirty when all I do is lay around the house and sleep all day???  Well, I am clean, pretty and smelling good and waiting for my little brother to arrive.  Some things I hope to teach to him are:  how to lounge around the house, sleep for vast amounts of the day and how important personal hygeine is….I hope Natalie takes care of little brothers as well as she does their big sister.